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Own a real star in our sky with this unique upcoming NFT collection.

2D and 3D artwork, data eternally stored on IPFS, royalty free, a sky viewer application, and a team behind it with a combined 45+ years of online game development experience

Own a Real Star

Star NFTs have an assigned rarity and various traits based on interpretations of their real-world scientific data


PFP Avatar

Each star NFT will have a unique, randomly generated PFP avatar (the ‘Star Guardian’) associated with the star.

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Star Viewer App

Access your star in the Stellar SocietyStar Viewer app. 


Every star in the collection and its real-world star data (such as name, location, brightness, magnitude, etc.) is permanently stored on IPFS

3x the Art

With your NFT purchase


Stars + PFP Avatars + Stat Cards


Released per day

Value and Security

Stellar Society NFTs generate $ENTROPY tokens, which will be backed by a liquidity pool and have real monetary value.

To prevent current hacking techniques that attempt to identify the rarity of an NFT before purchasing it, all Stellar Society NFTs are minted in Star Packs (learn more)


Star NFTs will be minted in a dutch auction process with the price reducing by 50% each hour until they are free.


All minting proceeds will be stored in the smart contract, and each NFT can be burned for 1/25000 of the total treasury after January 1, 2024.


We are fully committed to project transparency.


All details about NFT generation and distribution will be published, as well as our roadmap and current development progress.


We want you to contribute to what Stellar Society becomes! Join us on Discord to be whitelisted for a free Stellar NFT!

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