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Welcome to the Stellar Society

What is Stellar Society?

Stellar Society is an innovative NFT collection of the 25,000 brightest stars in the sky, brought to you by a team of veteran game developers desiring to establish a new frontier in the rapidly evolving world of NFTs.


Each NFT in the collection provides:

  • An NFT Collector's Card (1415x2048 pixel art) as the primary trading item for OpenSea (NFT trades are royalty free)

  • A randomly generated Star Guardian (2048x2048 pixel art) which is suitable for profile pictures

  • A full resolution Star Render (2048x2048 pixel art) for display

  • A detailed set of real-world data about the star published on IPFS

  • An animated 3D View of all stars available in our Star Viewer App

  • A faucet of $ENTROPY tokens, which will be the core of our token economy and will be used for future mints

  • Access to our Discord Community, where you can help shape the future of our Stellar Society!


How do I join the Stellar Society and mint a star of my own?


To conserve minting costs due to high gas fees on the Etherium network, Stellar Society will utilize the Polygon (MATIC) token. To mint a Star NFT, you will need to acquire MATIC tokens from Coinbase or another exchange and transfer them to a local Metamask wallet.

Stellar Society NFTs are minted in Star Packs, each containing a guaranteed fair distribution of rarities (250 packs of 100 stars, each containing 1 Legendary, 4 Ultra Rare, 15 Rare, 30 Uncommon, and 50 Common stars). Only one Star Pack will be sold per day.

As a safeguard against current hacking techniques, the NFTs are not revealed until the entire pack has been sold, but Provenance Hashes for all 250 packs will be made available before minting starts to guarantee data integrity and fair distribution.

What is the minting price of a Star NFT?

The initial price to mint each star is decided each day by the developers, but will be reduced by 50% each hour (Dutch-auction style) until all of the stars are sold.

All minting proceeds are stored in the smart contract and can be proportionally reimbursed (1/25000 of the treasury) by burning an NFT after January 1, 2024. This should provide a stable price floor for the NFT given the minting costs are can be reclaimed.

The project developers do not earn minting fees, but instead receive 10% of the NFT packs, randomly chosen by the smart contract. There are no royalty fees imposed on future trades of the NFT.

What is an $ENTROPY token for?

$ENTROPY tokens will form the backbone of the Stellar Society game economy, and will primarily be utilized to discover (or mint) future stellar objects.

$ENTROPY tokens are passively created by each Star NFT, based on its rarity:

Common = 1 $ENTROPY per day
Uncommon = 2 $ENTROPY per day
Rare = 3 $ENTROPY per day
Ultra Rare = 4 $ENTROPY per day
Legendary = 5 $ENTROPY per day

Star NFTs do not need to be staked to generate entropy tokens. Game specific features using $ENTROPY are TBD and will be community driven, and there will be a locked liquidity pool for tokens on Quickswap.

Where can I find more information about the project?

-- Join our Discord --

-- View our page on OpenSea (coming soon) --

-- View the Stellar Society Contract (coming soon) --

-- $ ENTROPY Token on Etherscan (coming soon) --

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